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SolidGate has everything you need to accept all kinds of payments from Nigerian customers. Online, across devices, in Nigeria and abroad.

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  • Multiple payment methods

    The complete toolkit for selling online to Nigerian customers

    Let your customers pay with methods they are used to: cards, bank transfers, USSD and e-wallets. All local methods in one simple integration.

  • Local acquiring

    Local acquiring for your global purposes

    We work with major global and Nigeria-based card companies, banks and regulators, enabling your business to seamlessly charge users in Nigeria and get disbursements all around the world.

  • Optimized conversions

    Maximize revenue by optimizing conversion

    We believe that opportunity in payments lies in analytics, not finance or code. Organizing payment infrastructure in Nigeria by working with all major payment methods and providers, we seek out each leak in conversions through analysis of declines, smart traffic routing, A/B testing and multiple other ways to ensure the highest approve ratio possible.

  • Maximum security

    SolidGate is fully PCI DSS 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the key security standard within the payments industry. SolidGate is assessed for PCI DSS by Advantio, a QSA for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

    The infrastructure of Solid payment gateway is based on AWS (Amason Web-Services) which allows us to comply with the highest data security standards, undergo audits, create and moderate hybrid IT architecture to expand the local cloud network.

    SSL standard security technology with strong cryptography (key length up to 256 bits) is used to exchange data with users. The certificate is validated by the international certification agency Starfield Technologies.


Geo-targeted antifraud solutions

Online acquiring in high-risk geographies like Africa or Eastern Europe requires specific knowledge and experience. With deep expertise in local market peculiarities, we build our fraud prevention algorithms basing on external solutions as well as internally developed rule-based scoring systems


World-class technology stack for merchants, PSPs and acquirers

We have everything (and even more) you might ever need to organize online payment acceptance for your business in Nigeria

High Approval Ratio

Auto retries and fine-tuned settings for each issuing bank maximize the chances for approval.

Smart traffic routing

All transactions are processed via the most efficient acquirers depending on BIN / location / etc.

Recurring Payments

Help your customers stay tuned with periodical subscriptions by charging them automatically.

Easy Integration

Integrate Solid payment page or widget with only a few lines of code: clear, simple and device friendly. Direct API host2host is also available.

Detailed reasons for declined transactions

Never lose revenue because of unknown reason - we thoroughly analyze and fight each decline. Reduction of declines is core focus of our analytics team.

Payment Tokenization

Card tokenization is enabled to encrypt cardholders’ data and safeguard you from unpredicted changes on the bank's side.

One Click Payments

Let your customer pay anytime without entering card or bank details ever again. Easy and seamless.

Multicurrency processing

Our multi-currency payment solutions help merchants to attract more international customers.

Global Settlement

Settle your funds to wherever it is convenient to you. Internet business is global. 

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