Success Story
#1 digital media in Nigeria

SolidGate provided Naij with a complete toolkit for receiving payments from Nigerian customers on all platforms. All local payment methods in one simple integration allowed Naij to accept payments online in fast, easy and secure way. Automatic subscription renewal is another feature offered to Naij customers.


increase in revenue after
introduction of paid subscriptions

over 15 million

monthly active users on all


decrease of churn

Their Story
Speaking to the world is a news and entertainment-oriented web-portal. Each user can choose what type of information they want to see displayed. They can opt for reading news, scanning job offers or listen to music, play games and use My Naij social network. With assistance of SolidGate Naij added a payment tool for their readers interested in removing ads. A solution integrating different types of payments allowed Naij to increase customer loyalty, retention and raise revenue.

  •     Their Goal    

    Introduce new channel of monetization

    In order to guarantee the most comfortable user experience, needed simple and secure payment solution for users interested in removing ads. At the same time, Naij team did not want to create their own payment team or heavily invest in payment infrastructure. As such, Naij turned to SolidGate to obtain full-stack payment solution, which could be easily integrated Naij with minimum involvement of Naij development team.

  • Their Success

    SolidGate payment widget

    The results came fast. Naij managed to gain more trust from users letting them pay for removing ads. One month after the program was launched, gross revenue of increased by 5%. By the end of second month it already was 10% higher than at the beginning. A total rise of 16% in gross revenue was significantly higher-than-expected, allowing users to consume high-quality content without being distracted by advertising.

  • “The only source of monetization of was advertising since we had believed that online payments were too expensive and complicated. However, Solid payment solution is the direct opposite: seamless, affordable and user-friendly - exactly what’s needed to grow our business.”
    Goke Olaegbe
    Country Manager