Data Protection

Security and safety of our customers and their clients is a cornerstone of our infrastructure – the confidence and trust inbuilt in our solution is reflected in the highest level of protection provided to your data and combined with frictionless payment experience.


Security certifications

SolidGate is fully PCI DSS 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider, which is the key security standard within the payments industry. The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands and was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud. SolidGate’s compliance with strict industry regulations is confirmed on annual basis.

Clients that use our checkout page don’t need to deal with any PCI compliance measures as we make sure that you are covered.

Internal controls

We have implemented a range of procedures to perform a periodic risk assessments essential for maintaining a good baseline of security. Focusing on the specifics of each of our merchants, we use data-driven analytics to improve and expand the protection measures taken to grant the highest levels of security and customer protection taking into account features of your business.

Data encryption

We use variety of methods for protection of sensitive data including encryption, truncation, masking, and hashing being critical components of cardholder data protection. Encrypted data is unreadable and unusable to anyone without proper access rights and multi-factor authentication.Sensitive information is encrypted during transmission over networks that are vulnerable to access by malicious individuals. Being targeted to protect the data of our clients, we always use sophisticated cryptographical algorithms to make sure that payment details are safe and protected.

Fraud prevention

Using various tools available locally like mandatory 3DS verification and BVN authentication, we can successfully combat online fraud with a focus on specifics of your business. Setting an ambitious aim of isolating fraud with minimum friction for the loyal customers, we have developed a scoring algorithm which analyzes the data from the entire network to provide you with a victory in your fight with either commercial or friendly fraud.


Identifying the fingerprint

Each customer in the world of e-commerce represents a separate identity, tracked and assessed by our anti-fraud solution. Fingerprint left by each user during checkout allows us to build a comprehensive risk assessment in just portions of second, based on the device and browser data analysis, matched with the behavior of online persona. Accurately cutting off the fraudsters, our solution allows for frictionless experience provided to legitimate customers.

Intelligence inbuilt

Our fraud protection algorithms were designed to learn from the experience and with every transaction passing through the level of protection increases. Leveraging the data obtained across the industries and geographies allowes to provide the perfect payment experience for your customers while fraudsters are ultimately stopped on their tracks.

Customization delivered

Your risk settings may be derived from your experience and knowledge of the business, and we are always available to help you with that. Based on your transaction data, volumes and previous dispute resolution experience we use statistical modelling to suggest you a combination of settings, which will allow to stop more fraud without any impact on conversions and with minimum frictions for good customers. With our assistance you can set-up our fraud prevention solution according to your specific needs and forecast any revenue changes that will follow.

Fully automated workflow

The SolidGuard reviews every transaction based on a conjunction of machine learning algorithms, industry-specific data and range of rules and criterias set-up based on your experience and knowledge of the business. Once you customize the rules, our solution marks every transaction with a score based on which the decision is taken whether it is approved, declined, routed to 3D Secure or other means of two-factor authentication. Unbelievable levels of automation are available with just a few clicks.


Ease of intergration and application

The extensive package of anti-fraud tools offered includes individual solutions such as analytical review, simulation, rule-based scoring and case management. In addition, we offer a Fraud Prevention Dashboard, which includes all the separate functions and can be adapted to meet individual requirements. No need for additional integration – the set of tools will be just added to your admin panel.