Success Story
Sharing love in new markets

Social discovery app Hitwe was launched in December 2015 and is aimed at emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Today, more than 10 million users interact via Hitwe, enjoy new connections, find friends and stay in touch. With SolidGate, global social discovery market player received an opportunity to successfully accept payments in a new market with 200 million population and multiple local payment methods in one simple integration.


improvement in card payment
success rate using local acquiring

1 day

timeframe for host-to-host


increase in 6m ROI (return
on investment) in Nigeria

Their Story
Speaking to the world

With  you have global reach in a single system. Drive conversions by supporting local payment methods, which you
can serve up dynamically based on your customer's country, currency and value of purchase.

  • Their Goal

    Receiving card payments all over the world

    Being a platform monetized via both advertising and VAS, Hitwe needs to accept payments from users for subscriptions. Due to diversity of banking rules, regulations and requirements in different geographies, they turned to SolidGate for payment processing services in Nigeria, one of their target markets. At the same time, Hitwe team recognized the importance of alternative payment methods in Africa as well as strong presence of local card brands - therefore, acceptance of all major local payment methods was a must.

  • Their Success

    Rapid international expansion

    Upon introduction of paid services to their Nigerian users, Hitwe decreased the amount of web and in-app advertisements. The change was well accepted by the users and resulted in 15% higher user retention.

    By one simple integration with SolidGate Hitwe allowed its Nigerian users to pay in their preferred way which resulted in significantly higher revenues. Use of local acquiring and smart traffic routing also had an extremely positive effect: plastic card conversions grew 2.4x in comparison with previously used PSPs and acquirers. As such, the Company managed to increase their 6m ROI in Nigeria by 116% without making any changes in the product but building their payments infrastructure via SolidWall.

  • The success of our expansion to Nigeria is in great part based on comprehensive payment toolkit provided by Solid. Among different payment solutions available in the market, Solid payment gateway is the most complete, affordable and easy to use. Technical integration process is fast and straightforward and covers all local payment methods.
    Alex Pasikov
    CEO Hitwe